Installation & Support

Our design engineers specialise in customised solutions for industrial, agricultural and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

Our highly skilled affiliate contracting partners are responsible for bringing our detail designs and drawings to life. The success of any design depends on its physical implementation and this means we appoint only experienced and trusted contractors to all of our projects.

In order to meet project milestones, whilst managing cost and quality objectives, our project management teams make use of sophisticated planning tools and BIM workflows. Engineering Solutions strives to find the perfect balance between project scope, cost and time to completion. This enables us to optimize the interdependent nature of costs and project time frames, in order to meet or exceed the project objectives.

By partnering with key door and panel suppliers we are able to provide our customers with fully integrated solutions which are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications.

Our clients benefit from our proven Cold Chain experience, encompassing the entire Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural refrigeration industries.

Engineering Solutions project manages all projects from start to finish.

The project scope ultimately defines the set of deliverables or features of the project that needs to be met for the project to be successfully completed. A clearly defined project scope allows for clear decision making and project direction by defining what is included and excluded from the specific project. This in turn enables us to control project timelines by use of a defined project schedule.

By making use of cost management tools and processes Engineering Solutions can control project costs and minimise any potential cost issues. The Cost Risk Analysis enables correct resource allocations to all project sections and therefore minimises unexpected riskrelated eventualities. The risk assessment also underpins required project plan adaptions to eliminate all major risks that have been identified.

Quality is the defining non-negotiable expectation from our end users. From this basis Engineering Solutions work with the management constraints to mitigate the negative effect of time and cost competition. This allows us to maintain overall quality standards that define the success of the project.