Monitoring & Enhancement

Our monitoring and enhancement systems are centered around addingvalue to our clients and assisting them to grow their businesses effectively and efficiently.

The exponential growth in world population levels, necessitates the production of ever increasing quantities of food from finite natural resources.

SMART agriculture addresses this requirement through a focus on analytics, thereby driving optimal utilisation of all available resources. The use of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to collect environmental and machine metrics, farmers can make informed decisions and improve all aspects of their work from livestock to crop farming. IoT farming allows better control over the production process and improves the quality of crops through process automation and data driven decision making.

Advantages of IoT:

Sensor mapping records relevant data such as the acidity levels, available resources, topography and soil temperature.

Climate forecasting predicts and tracks local weather patterns in order to monitor metrics such as expected rainfall and adverse weather.

Livestock tracking and geofencing allows data collection regarding the location, well-being and health of animals.

Drones are used to survey the land and perform crop health assessments, provide irrigation, spray pesticides where needed and provide general crop monitoring.

Agriculture is the Backbone of our Country

Block Chain technology enables customers and suppliers to track and access key product information such as its point of origin and supply chain history. This access to verified and immutable information builds consumer confidence in product value and quality.

In a globally connected economy, product quality is demanded by clients whose access to producers and retailers is ever increasing.

This necessitates access to detailed and accurate data in order to enable precise system control and monitoring.

With access to real time data we can optimise plant room and cooled space operation to ensure that set points are maintained whilst minimising energy wastage. This translates into improved product quality at lower energy costs with higher returns.

The decreasing cost of connected sensors, coupled with universal access to online telemetry ensures the application of technological improvements in the agricultural space will become a necessity. Data driven decision making will enable farmers to utilise often limited resources in the most fruitful manner thereby ensuring the most profitable outcome. This will lead to increased production capabilities whilst giving consumers access to relevant data about the products they consume. Building consumer confidence in product origin, quality and history allows producers to secure market share and maintain product traceability.