The Affiliate Program

But why ?

Engineering Solutions has heeded the call from our customers to supply turn-key HVAC&R solutions. To do this sustainably we recognise the need to provide a service that grows not only the businesses of our affiliate partners but also our customers.

We provide the most innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions by leveraging the entire HC Group product range

Customers have a single point of responsibility on an end-to-end solution, which simplifies communication ensuring project goals are understood and achieved

Extended warranties are offered on all our installations providing our customers peace of mind and the long-term confidence they need

We offer our customers Customised Leasing models that allow them to manage their risk and cash flow

We offer multi-year service and maintenance contracts, providing our customers peace of mind and service they can rely on

How it works

End User

Our end users require a complete solution with one point of contact and responsibility. This minimises the number of suppliers they must manage and risk they must assume.

Engineering Solutions

Combining the knowledge and expertise of its Affiliates, Engineering Solutions provides the end user with a complete cooling solution. All stages from concept to implementation and maintenance are managed and delivered by qualified and experienced Affiliates to ensure client satisfaction. The symbiotic relationships between ES and our Affiliates mean that we are stronger together and that our long-term partnerships are founded on mutually beneficial grounds. ES provides Affiliates and customers access to the full range of products offered by the HC Group to ensure product quality and minimise unnecessary expenses.


ES Affiliates are chosen for their ability and expertise, and form an irreplaceable part of our business. By utilising the various strengths of our Affiliate partners we ensure our customers peace of mind and prosperity. These long-term partnerships are designed to grow not only our clients’ businesses but also those of our Affiliates. We believe that by working together we achieve what is impossible alone. This intrinsic strength in our business means there is no challenge we cannot overcome together.
What are the Benefits?

Engineering Solutions’ core objective is to add value to all stakeholders through experience gained from the HC Group of Companies and our Affiliates.

End User

  • Working with a single project manager, from design to implementation, who understands your needs
  • Benefitting from vast experience and expertise provided by Affiliates within the Engineering Solutions group
  • Guaranteed project completion timelines and cost management thanks to a single point of responsibility
  • Live monitoring and enhanced control systems


  • Working with other Affiliates ensures designs and implementations are peer reviewed and knowledge is shared
  • Simple cash flow management thanks to reduced overheads and financial costs
  • Training on international trends and system designs
  • Increased exposure to new clients, projects and industries
  • Free marketing of their businesses


  • Building trusted business relationships to ensure continuous workload with the aim of an increased workflow to all partners
  • Providing local employment to empower our people and upskill our industry, thereby ensuring continued future growth
  • Increased understanding of customer needs to refine product offerings and remain at the forefront of technological developments