Climacteric fruits like Bananas, Avocados and Mangoes amongst others, are frequently harvested at a hard green but mature stage just before ripening starts.

This enables the fruit to be harvested, cooled, stored and transported significant distances to where it will be marketed and consumed. Ripening can then be conducted under controlled conditions to achieve the uniform appearance and quality of the ripe fruit.

Enginering Solutions’ Ripening Rooms are specifically designed to expose fruit to a controlled atmosphere that helps foster the ripening process by adding Ethylene whilst strictly controlling humidity, temperature and CO2 levels.

A well-designed and constructed Ripening Room allows you to maintain fruit quality and reach the market at the optimum point of the demand curve. The Ripening Room can also serve as a holding room to delay shipment of fruit into already saturated markets, in this way spoilage can be contained and profits increased.