Every day approximately 7 to 8 million animals are slaughtered to satisfy the global demand for red meats and associated products.

When considering poultry this number reaches around 140 million birds per day.

These processes are predominantly conducted in abattoirs to allow for the precise control of the product temperature whilst maintaining a hygienic environment. Any environment in which raw product must be handled and cooled requires strict temperature control regimes to limit any losses from product drying and associated quality degradation.

The cooling process limits the formation and growth of harmful pathogens while preparing the meat for processing, storage and transport.

Another crucial issue that abattoirs deal with is the constant sterilisation of equipment such as knives and blades. This sterilisation process requires large energy inputs to achieve the required water temperatures. Waste heat from our refrigeration systems can be utilised to provide some or all of these energy needs. This further improves overall installation efficiencies to provide our customers with the best return on their investments.